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Hi and welcome to my website.
My name is Steve Belanger, I'm 21 years old, and I'm the webmaster of Expertise Belanger Informatique, which will be referred to as "EBI" inside this website.

Now, why am I putting a website on the internet... This is a good question.

The reason why I'm putting a website is this one: I am been doing some website validation. And I want to offer my validations services to the whole world. I plan to make myself known by using this website.

Another reason why I put a website on the internet is to be able to sell products online. At this time only the Website Validation section is active, but I plan to add the Online Shopping section soon.

When coming to validation services, you can see an example of the validation reports I'm doing by visiting this section of my website : Incoming's Validation Report.

This report is about one of my friend's website. His name is Bob Burgoyne. As I write this page, I have been doing a re-structuration of Bob's website. So if you go to his website now ( OldStuffOnline.net for instance), the content you will see is the website as it was when I started checking it.

If you want to be noticed via email when I will upload the debugged version on order for you to see the differences, send me an email to webmaster@ebinformatique.com with "Keep me informed on Incoming's website" inside the subject line, and I will be glad to notify you when I will update his website (which I'm co-webmaster as well now).

If you want to contact Bob in order to get a feedback about his experience with my website validation service, you can do so by sending him an ICQ message at ICQ# : 97019744. Only one thing though : Bob is very busy these days, so it may take a while before he replies to you. To be sure he knows what you are talking about, tell him that you saw his website validation report and that you would like to ask him about it.

Maintained by Steve Belanger and Cathy Ernst
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